Trailblazing the path of verified online content to change the fake news narrative.

A social user-collaborative verification-focused video, picture and location-based news app, reporting digital content from the underreported communities.


What we believed

We believe that a holistic approach is required to give random users who may have better information on such posts the power to verify user-generated news content.

Our approach

VeriSpik is a radical but simple approach to reducing fake news and misinformation through user-collaborative verification.

Our vision

Our vision is to encourage hyperlocal journalism amongst users to share and verify information from underreported communities.


Why VeriSpik ?

In this era of the social media revolution, fake news and other unsubstantiated digital content have pervaded the online social media channels, creating fear, rancour and distrust among users. Fake news and misinformation are gradually creating divisiveness and hatred among people.

Report what is happening near you

Report what is happening in your neighbourhood by uploading video or picture content which will be verified within 3 hours timeframe by geofence random users for authenticity.

Select the location on the map

Users will be required to select a location on the geolocation map so that our algorithm will automatically geofence and alert random users within the location.

Random users will be alerted to verify

Geofence random users will be requested to confirm the veracity of the information through personal or third party confirmation and other means to grade the posted information using our AI based scoring system.

How it works?

Random users scores will be calculated and be given percentages by the algorithm while the result will be updated on the verification dashboard after 3 hours timeline.

Share only verified content to help in reducing the spread of fake and misinformation through online platforms.

Add sources of your verifiable information to enhance the authenticity of your findings.

Start any meaningful discussion based on the contents posted on VeriSpik platform to enrich the verified online shared information.